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 Recent production work. 


Dreamdoor Films - Casting

In this Orwellian Science fiction thriller, a husband and wife must choose between giving up their fundamental human rights or standing against the forces of the new American order. Directed by Silas Tibbs. 

From Cincinnati With Love 

David Chimusoro- Casting 

A modern day love Jones highlights the city of Cincinnati in this romantic comedy directed and written by David Chimusoro. 

From Cincinnati With Love  Films Casting Director audition coach, actress
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When I Grow Up

Yellopain- Casting 

Produced by: SuperstarO, TreBeats, Sauce Sinatra . Shot/Directed by YelloPain

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Half Finished 

John Gibson - Producer 

"Half Finished" was a creative exercise in storytelling, focusing on dealing with fractured relationships, coping, and coming to terms with what we've lost. Most importantly, at its heart, it's about the conversations we never had with those who have left us. Directed by John Gibson.

A variety of commercial, online, TV, Film and industrial bookings. 

Film Reels
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